There are things we do in our everyday life style that aren't the best for us. With a little effort we can get rid of a few things that would make a big difference.

Go to work on making some changes that will make you feel better, healthier and a much better person.

I think we all can make a list of our own. Our lists may differ of course, but let's make a list of things that we may all have in common as far as bad habits.

My list has six bad habits on it. It also spells out the effects of these terrible things we do.


  1. Bad Habit: You Forget to Floss You can brush your teeth until they sparkle, but unless you floss, too, bacteria and food particles stay stuck between your pearly whites. The leftover bacteria can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. And that could mean more for your health than a cavity or two.A 2011 study presented to the American Heart Association found that periodontal disease boosted heart attack, stroke and heart failure risk.
  2. Bad Habit: You Have a Nightly Date with Your Fridge Eating late at night doesn't cause weight gain in and of itself. But if you're heading to the fridge for ice cream at 11 p.m., chances are you've already met your calorie allotment for the day.
  3. Bad Habit: You Tell Little White Lies at the Doctor's Office It might feel awkward to tell someone you see only a few times a year about all your aches, pains, and less-than-healthy habits, but lying to your doctor can have serious health consequences. Giving inaccurate information to your doctor could result in a lack of treatment when one is needed, treatment when none is needed, or the wrong treatment.
  4. Bad Habit: You Skimp on Sleep If you find yourself staying up late finishing a project or watching re-runs, you'll have to pay with more than just stifled yawns the next day. Shorting yourself on sleep comes with a slew of harmful side effects, like an inability to concentrate, a weakened immune system, and confused hormones that impact appetite and food choices.
  5. Bad Habit: You're a Creature of Habit at the Gym If you've had the same fitness routine for a while, your brain and muscles could be in a rut. If you've been doing the same routine for months and don't feel stronger, it might be time to shake it up.
  6. You Sit On Your Duff All Day Your body doesn't produce as much of a fat-burning enzyme if it's sitting all day. Also the body becomes so accustomed to this position that the muscles don't work as well when you try to do other activities, hurting your posture and ability to exercise