We are all guilty of exhibiting poor work habits at some point in our careers.   But what are those less than desirable work habits you need to correct or improve sooner rather than later while on the job?

Career Addict provides a list of 20 Bad Work Habits we need to break.  The following are the Top 10 Bad Work Habits beginning with number 10:

10. Procrastinating:  Do not allow your work to accumulate.  Getting your work finished shows your company you're capable of doing your job.  Handing in work on-time also shows just how seriously you take your position.

9. Neglecting Your Body Language: Your body language can instantly tell people how you're feeling.  If you aren't giving your employer direct eye contact, it could show that you lack confidence.

     8. Being Unhygienic: This should be a given...No one wants to smell someone's bad body odor.  I shouldn't have to say this, but please shower before you enter your workplace.

     7. Complaining: If you keep complaining about everyday tasks, then your colleagues may become rather annoyed with you.  In the long run, you are bringing a lot of negativity to the office.  Try to come to work each day with a positive attitude!

     6. Making a Lot of Noise:  Work is work.  The office shouldn't be like a carnival.  Think of this space like a library or a retro coffee shop.  Respect the space and your colleagues.

5. Showing Up Late to Everything: This is just disrespectful, and it shows you don't care about your job.  Try to set an alarm each day to give yourself ample time to get ready for work.

     4. Being Unprepared: It would be wise to try to plan out your day before you are at your desk.  Making lists can give you a visual of the goals you would like to accomplish for the day.

     3. Going into Work When You’re Sick: Staying home would be best for yourself and your co-workers.  Stay tuned for a post about this topic later this week!

     2. Dressing Unprofessionally: You shouldn't dress like you're going to the club or the beach.  Dressing professionally shows your employer and colleagues how serious you are about your job.  Dress to impress and for success!

     Finally...Fidgeting Mindlessly: I found this one to be puzzling, but it makes sense.  This can include clicking your pen multiple times or tapping your foot.  Career Addict states that  "these mindless outlets of a nervous disposition might seem innocent and harmless to you, but they’re anything but to your cubicle pal who can’t help but notice every single annoying pen click or shake."  Try to find a quiet alternative.

See what other bad work habits made the list on Career Addict!

 Source: Career Addict

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