Well, we sure have gotten our heads full of this 'fiscal cliff' stuff haven't we? First the world was going to end, then we were all going to fall off the fiscal cliff.

Well, if you're as sick and tired of hearing about it, so are other folks! In fact, according to the Associated Press, there's other phrases that need to get the boot too!

(AP) - Sick and tired of hearing about the fiscal cliff? So are the people who put together the list of words they feel should be booted from the English language.

"Fiscal cliff" is the most nominated for the annual list of words or phrases to get rid of by Lake Superior State University in Michigan.

Other words on the current list include: "spoiler alert," "kick the can down the road," "trending" and "bucket list." In all, there are a dozen words on the list, among them "superfood," "guru," "job creators" and "double down."

Now then, let me take a quick peek out the window....hold on a minute.

Nope, the sky hasn't fallen. The world's still turning. Now of we could just do something about those bratty kids in Washington that can't seem to play nice "across the aisle".

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