What happened to Guy Lombardo's music and the great Dick Clark for our New Year's Eve? Remember when the pinnacle of the night was watching the big ball drop at Times Square?

Well, this time around it was a whole different thing. And I didn't really enjoy it like I used to.

The focus was on a bunch of lawmakers working feverishly on getting their job done that they failed to do during normal working hours all year long. It wasn't a celebration of a good year going out and a brand new year coming in with music, flair and bubbles in a glass.

Instead, the focus on TV was if we were going over a cliff. And then making matters worse, it spilled into New Year's Day to boot.

Don't get me wrong, I care about our economy and I'm glad a deal was reached. But, the point I would like to make is, does it have to overshadow a time when we should be enjoying a little holiday with our family? And more importantly, is it necessary to be scaring the hell out of everyone while they are just trying to enjoy the ham in the oven?

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