[UPDATE]  A suspect has been taken into custody: 25-year-old Joshua Rayvon LeClaire of Sioux Falls is currently being held as a parole absconder and for narcotics charges. Additional charges are pending.

Friends have identified the victim as Jamie Lee WoundedArrow, a known leader in the LGBT Community in Sioux Falls.


Sioux Falls Police have launched a homicide investigation after the discovery of a body on Sioux Falls Northeast side.

Police were contacted by a resident of the building who requested a check on another tenant after noticing a foul odor coming from an apartment on Friday night (January 6) at 9:15 PM, according to Lieutenant Michael Colwill:

Department was called to the apartments near east 8th Street and north Cleveland Avenue for a check the well being.  A juvenile neighbor called to report that there was a strong odor coming from an apartment at this location.  The Sioux Falls Police Department responded and located the victim deceased inside of the apartment.  Based upon the investigation the victim’s death appears to be a homicide.  The victim has been identified as Jamie Lee WoundedArrow a 28 year old male resident of Sioux Falls.

The investigation is ongoing and police plan to provide an update Monday morning.

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