You may have heard of Black Lives Matter demonstrations in other parts of the country, but a local chapter was part of Homecoming weekend at Augustana University. Their goal of what they want to accomplish is on a national scale.

Luca Amayo describes being a part of black lives matter:

It is our responsibility to affirm the Black Lives Matter movement and express our support of it and there are quite a few people on campus who are willing to help us do that.

Kayla Koterwski Storytelling

About 200 students and several professors wore black lives matter t-shirts.  Local organizers say they appreciate the good relationship with Sioux Falls police, but stand with other cities that don’t have the same situation.

We just want to make sure that Police forces all across the country do feel the pressure to engage in solutions proactively before an incident ever happens.

Kayla Koterwski Storytelling

The goal of the group is to work toward alleviating mistrust between law enforcement and the black community on a national level.

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