It's Mushroom hunting season in the Midwest and as with everything else these days, there's an app for that.

Where are the best places to find morel mushrooms in and around the Sioux Empire? One website has an up-to-date tracker that tells you exactly where to find the tasty treasures.

Up until recently, it's been a dry spring throughout most of South Dakota and that usually means mushrooms will be lacking, however, the fresh rainfall means morels will soon be sprouting up in river valleys throughout Eastern South Dakota.

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If you're an avid morel mushroom hunter, you'll want to keep this website handy. At you can find all of the area hot spots for morel mushrooms in one, interactive map.

After a close inspection of the map, it looks like prime morel season in South Dakota isn't quite here yet, however, there are a few nearby places you can check out to get your mushroom fix.

Currently, one of the best spots to get morel mushrooms nearby is in Salix, Iowa, which is about 15 minutes south of Sioux City. According to the map, Council Bluffs, Iowa and Freemont, Nebraska are also good places to spot a morel sprouting up.

Keep checking the Great Morel website and its interactive map to see when morels may be found in your neck of the woods.

Outdoor Life also has some handy tips on how to find morels in your area this time of the year. Check out the article here.

Story Source: The Great Morel

Story Source: Outdoor Life

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