Money is tight. Too tight. So, where and how much money you spend, is of the utmost importance. Especially during the holiday season when you wish you had more jing to spend on the people you love, your favorite charities or even yourself!

With all of that in mind, once again Consumer Reports is out with their "best buy" list for December. Much like November, you can find some good buys on electronics and appliances for your kitchen that will help you stay on budget.

Here are other best buys for December:

  • Smaller electronics- which may be on some Christmas lists in your home can be found at discounted prices. 7 to 8-inch screen tablets can be found for less than $200; gaming systems can be a good buy, especially if you find a bundle deal and trade in your old system; E-book readers prices start around $80 and are very popular gift items.
  • Headphones- popular gift items which can be found at reasonable prices, especially if you shy away from top-dollar brands like Beats and Bose. Good sounding headphones don't have to cost hundreds of dollars. Make sure you check the return policy on these if you do buy them as your gift recipient may have other ideas for headphones!
  • Dishwashers- are one of the appliances on deep discount in many places this month, so before your home fills up with family and friends and tons of dishes, consider replacing an old non-energy-efficient dishwasher with a newer one which could then be saving you energy dollars over time.
  • Cookware- is almost always a best buy during holiday time, depending upon how much you want to spend and whether you're buying the top name-brands. So shop around and check out the Consumer Reports best cookware buying guide for advice.

Source: Consumer Reports

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