If you're ready to start your holiday shopping for some pricey items, but you're looking for a bit of advice, Consumer Reports always has the best guidance. Their analysts track prices on products throughout the year so they're usually in tune with what you can save money on and when.

The month of November is a particularly good month for great prices on certain products due to the fact that there are big sales beginning with the Veteran's Day holiday right through Black Friday. The indicators are that if you're in need of a new mattress, now is the time. You could save anywhere from 40 to 60 % and start getting a better night's sleep too.  Dishware and baby products may also be found at substantial savings this month.

Those are just the savings appetizers, CR also has six other products which you could save a truly substantial amount of money on this month. But as always saving the big bucks also means doing your homework and being vigilant. Those products include:

  • Televisions - You need to keep track of prices and when you're shopping for savings, especially if you're trying to get a retailer to match or beat a lower price from someone else. You'll need to have proof of the cost of your item.
  • Tablets -  According to CR data, small ones have improved a lot and you can find decent ones for around $200.
  • Gaming consoles - They suggest you can save by looking for holiday bundles or buying last year's model.
  • Headphones - You don't have to spend a fortune to get good quality sounding headphones, but you should get gift receipts and check return policies if you're buying them for others.
  • Coffeemakers & other small kitchen appliances - Once again, a higher price tag doesn't necessarily mean better quality, so due your shopping homework
  • Refrigerators & other major appliances - CR encourages you to take Energy Star ratings into account when you encounter a great deal, because even if an appliance is low cost at the beginning, you could actually lose money due to energy consumption.

Overall, doing your homework as a smart shopper and consumer can save you substantially. For more tips and advice, as well as product reviews and ratings, check out Consumer Reports magazine and Consumer Reports online.

Source: Consumer Reports

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