The next time you plan on visiting Best Buy, or as my wife likes to call them, (The Land of the Blue Shirts), be prepared to mask up.

The national electronics retailer announced on Tuesday (July 14) that it plans to enforce facial coverings in all their stores nationwide starting on Wednesday (July 15).

The new policy even applies to stores located in states like South Dakota that don't require residents to wear face masks.

Dakota News Now is reporting the move was brought on by the recent spike in COVID-19 cases seen in many states across the country.

Best Buy announced via Twitter on Tuesday, their main objective with the new policy is to keep you and their employees safe.

According to Dakota News, any customer wishing to shop at Best Buy that doesn't already have a mask will be provided with one.

There are a couple of provisions to Best Buy's new facial coverings policy. For instance, small children and those unable to wear a mask for health reasons will be allowed to enter stores without one.

Any customer that is, as I like to say, anti-mask, can still shop at Best Buy by visiting its website and app. Then choosing home delivery or contactless curbside pickup to get the items purchased.

Both home delivery and contactless pickup options remain available at all Best Buy stores, according to the company.

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend people cover their mouth and nose while around other people in public places.

Source: Dakota News Now

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