The world in which you and I are currently living has taught us some new words and phrases.

Covid 19. Coronavirus. Social Distancing.

And they've brought some old words back that maybe haven't been in the forefront of our mind in quite a while.

Lysol. Clorox. Disinfectant.

Oh I know, we've always 'cleaned'. We've tried to get the 'ol homestead dusted and vacuumed. After all, we have friends and family coming over! Except, now of course, family and friends aren't coming over. AND it's more important than ever to keep things clean. And I mean even beyond clean.

According to MSN there are several 'particular' places that need special attention.

These Things In Your Home Could Use A Deep Clean

And don't forget pillowcases, kitchen towels, that coffee machine, your cutting board and the toothbrush holder.

Stay safe. Stay well. And we'll see you soon!

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