It might seem a long way from milking cows in Paulding, Ohio to the country music capital of the world, Nashville, Tennessee. But I'm sure glad Pete Schlegel made the trip!

Oh I know, you may not be familiar with Pete Schlegel, but if you love real, traditional country music, you should get to know him.

It was recently that a song came across my desk called 'I Don't Drink Anymore'. Now, I gotta admit, I've also been a fan of a great country drinkin' song, whether it's a fun one like Tom T.'s 'I Like Beer', or a great sad one like 'If Drinkin' Don't Kill Me' by the legendary Possum. So...the title hooked me, now if only the song was good!

And yep...the song was not only good, it was real good!

Turns out Pete was a farm boy from Ohio who loved listening to country music on the radio when he was a young 'un milking cows in Ohio. And in 2002, he made the trek. The trek to Nashville.

After recording some real honest to goodness country music, Pete hit the road with Daryle Singletary (talk about the real deal, Daryle is it!) and Jeff Carson. Pete not only released great country albums, he also released a country gospel album 'Rusty Ole Halo'.

But, of course, i always seem to come to the party late, so it wasn't until recently and 'I Don't Drink Anymore' that I came to know the music of Pete Schlegel. And you can bet I'm on board with this artist and look forward to more.

You can check out Pete's story on his website here, watch some videos, hear some of Pete's music and make a purchase or two if you like.

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