Just after 2:00 PM on Monday (April 2) Sioux Falls Police responded to a call from a distraught mother who said her estranged husband and two other men broke into her home and took her baby.

According to Public Information Officer Sam Clemens, police responded to a woman’s home in the 900 block of West 7th Street.

Authorities say three men, including the woman's estranged husband, broke in through the back door of the home. The victim said that although her husband didn’t attack her physically, the second man allegedly shoved her and the third man allegedly choked her.

At first the woman thought the men were looking for car keys, but after they left she realized her 5 month old baby was gone.

Police eventually the men were found in the 200 block of North Euclid Avenue and were arrested on several charges. Matthew Brian Johnson, 34, from Sioux Falls he was charged with burglary. Bradley Keith Johnson, 37, from San Antonio TX, was charged with burglary and simple assault for pushing and Jeremy Michael Pettingell, 42, from Sioux Falls, was charged with aggravated assault, interfering with emergency communication for breaking the victim’s phone and other charges.

The baby was unharmed and returned to the mother.

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