This story I'm doing is mainly for the guys. Ladies, you should read it too, but it's pretty much stuff you already know.

But for you men, this may answer the worry you may have about your wives. If they seem stressed out and don't look all holly jolly all the time, it has nothing to do with you. It's just their work load.

Being a mom is not easy. It involves lots of hours and way too many worries.

A study done, finds the average mom in Sioux Falls is putting in around 98 hours a week. The start of each day is shortly after 6:00 AM.

Once "clocked in," it's non stop work until after 8:30 PM. And being a mom means no days off.

And it's not just the hours that make it hard. Every day is loaded with worries. The top five worries include:

  1. Allowing too much screen time for kids
  2. Allowing too much fast food
  3. Allowing too much sugar
  4. Not giving enough baths
  5. Favortism

And worst of all, many are suffering a thing known as "Mommy Guilt". That is the term for moms feeling like they are not giving enough to their family and needing to be a better parent.

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