There is simply no way around it.  The world is different, and we are all still adjusting to the "new normal" thanks to the global COVID-19 pandemic.  There really has not been any aspect of our daily lives and routines that has not been affected by the virus, including how we participate in religious services.

Most individuals can relate to waking up every Sunday morning, dressing in your Sunday best, and then going to church to listen to your pastor or minister talk for about an hour about faith and life.  Well, that all changed once the pandemic became a reality.  People were questioning about gathering in large groups, and some might have been sacred to enter places of worship.

So what do you do?  There was no choice but to suspend masses and religious gatherings and live stream services until churches found safe ways to worship together.  Just recently churches around the Sioux Empire reopened their doors for Sunday Services.

I recently had the courage to attend mass at Christ the King Church in Sioux Falls instead of looking at a computer screen.  Some things did change, but everyone was still there for the same reason: to pray together but at a safe distance.

In an effort to keep everyone safe, this way of holding church services is just how it has to be for now.  By the way...if Father Samson is reading this, you now know why I was taking photos in church!

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