Right now there is a controversy in Mitchell and it involves what should be a pretty easy decision in my opinion.

During the Mike Miller Classic, the court inside the Corn Palace will be named the Gary Munsen Court, but it will only be temporary.

Instead of permanently naming it after the Mitchell High School coaching legend, politics have come into play and caused a divide on the topic.

After reading Stu Whitney's latest piece on the topic in the Argus Leader, a power struggle over honoring a South Dakota basketball icon seems as petty as petty can be.

Essentially, one side would like this to move forward while the other side is looking to either gain significant monetary benefits or name it after another coach.

The other coach is a good coach as well, South Dakota Hall of Famer and Dakota Wesleyan legend Gordie Fosness, but he was not the level of icon that Munsen was to the that community and that building specifically.

The city councilman who is looking for a large donation to name it after Munsen needs a reality check.  It is the Corn Palace not Cameron Indoor or the Dean Dome. You're not on that level and a large monetary gift to name a court of that stature seems ridiculous.

Throughout the country, many more established and noteworthy facilities have named courts after legends without any money being donated because it was the right thing to do.

Honor the man who helped mold the biggest basketball star our state has ever seen in Mike Miller.

Honor the man who delivered so many victories on that court and a man that delivered titles to the city of Mitchell.

Do the right thing, name it after Munsen and quit dragging your feet.

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