We've all seen something like this come across our Facebook feed.

Well, I decided to try to make one of these recipes and see if they are as tasty as they look.

I made the above recipe, One Pot Chicken Teriyaki and Rice. I gathered all my ingredients and went about my business.

It was relatively easy. I followed the printed out recipe that I found when you click on the link. The biggest thing that was left out of the recipe was when to add the vegetables. I got to the very last step and still had all my chopped vegetables sitting there so I just tossed them in last minute. I threw the lid on and they still got a good steam, so it all worked out. I double backed through the written recipe and there was no step for adding the vegetables, however, the video did. I guess I'll know for next time.

I have to say, I've tried to make Asian inspired dishes at home before and I didn't think it ever really turned out well, but this one actually did. The cornstarch really did help thicken the sauce. It turned out a bit spicier than I thought it would. Next time a little less sriracha for me.

So, next time maybe try one of these recipes instead of just liking it on Facebook.

P.S. Please excuse my messy stove. I had a spill. Forgive me.

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