We are just days away from Valentine's Day. It's the 'Day of Romance'. There is a lot of pressure on anyone involved in a relationship to not be a big screw up. You want to commemorate the day with a gift to your “Snookie” with something memorable. But memorable in a good way.

I've been married for a lot of years. And that means year after year I try to top what I did the previous Valentine's Day. Some years I was very successful. Those were heavily outweighed by the years I was a devastating failure.

But for all the underwhelming stuff I did, I never gave anything on this list from Dating.com of the “The WORST Valentines Day Gifts To Give”. Keep in mind that someone actually gave these as gifts:

1 Wilted Flowers
2 A picture frame with no picture in it
3 A pet hamster
4 A bag of unopen assorted Halloween candy
5 Valentine's Day-themed socks
6 An online workout subscription
7 An Ashtray
8 A used gift card
9 An open bottle of wine/liquor
10 An old VHS movie

My guess is if you have given your Sweetheart anything close to these items you're not really trying. These are the kind of items brought up at couples counseling or divorce court.

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