Anyone who has owned a Chihuahua or has been around them knows that the breed can be aggressive. Between barking and nipping, they can be surly. My wife and I have had one for several years and as the dog is getting older, she is becoming more cranky. I guess some humans do too.

Thankfully Chihuahuas can't back up their aggressive behavior with a strong bite.

That fact doesn't make a Sioux Falls girl feel any better though. The teenage girl was bit by a Chihuahua in downtown Sioux Falls according to Dakota News Now. The girl was walking on S. Phillips Avenue near 9th Street when she saw a black Chihuahua running around loose in traffic.

The girl did what most of us would do, she went into the street to help the dog. As she reached down to pick up the dog, the scared Chihuahua turned around, bit the girl and ran away. The girl said the dog did not have a collar.

Animal Control officers are looking for help identifying the dog so vaccinations can be verified. Anyone who might be able to help identify this Chihuahua is urged to call 605-367-7000.

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