Attention Sioux Falls Shoppers: Stop being lazy and put your carts back where they belong.

Is it illegal? No, it's just a matter of human decency and being considerate of others, as well as the store you just shopped at.

Too many times, you'll see stranded carts in Sioux Falls parking lots, and it shows just how little some of the city's residents care for their fellow citizens.

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Is it really that hard to put your cart back into the corral? The answer is obviously no, yet simply said, some people don't feel like putting in the energy to walk a few feet to do the right thing. Instead, they leave the carts next to their cars, causing parking hazards, and sometimes, the carts even run into other vehicles.

The most frustrating part about these lazy people is when confronted, they act like they've done nothing wrong, and the vast majority won't take their carts back if you ask.

How do I know? Well, there's an interesting YouTube channel called Cart Narcs which goes all-in and takes on the issue of shopping carts left in parking lots. More often than not, the cart offenders make excuses saying that it's the cart attendant's job, and eventually get angry and drive away.

Is this the biggest issue in Sioux Falls? No, but it's just common courtesy. Put your carts back, people.

For a look at what it's like to confront someone who hasn't returned their shopping cart, take a look at the hilarious YouTube video below.

Story Source: Cart Narcs Via YouTube