I recall doing a story a number of years ago asking the question, how many different phones have you had in your life? At one point, most of us could actually remember the answer to that question.

However, at that time we were using flip phones and thought they were pretty cool. Every now and then you would be eligible to get a free upgrade if you had the right contract.

Then came smartphones and never ending additional technology. Phones became smarter with every new model and people became dumber. Some even ran into walls walking and phoning around.

So now the question I have for you is, how long do you keep a phone before upgrading? It appears most Americans are keeping their phones longer now.

Pricier devices, fewer subsidies from carriers , and the end of two-year cellphone contracts have led consumers to wait an average of 2.83 years to upgrade their smartphones. That’s up from 2.39 years two years ago.

Smartphone makers have launched increasingly pricey phones in recent years, with some premium devices costing over $1,000.

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