If you're a singer in the Sioux Empire who's looking for a big break, a major television singing competition show is looking for South Dakota singers.

American Idol auditions are coming to South Dakota! This is a great opportunity for local singers to showcase their talents in front of top-notch TV producers and executives. However, South Dakota singers won't have to travel to bigger cities to have a chance to perform in front of the Idol judges.

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With the power of technology, potential contestants can submit a video through social media. South Dakota singers can also audition through Zoom meetings. The singers would wait in the Zoom room until their names are called. This one audition could give you the chance to be the next Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery, or Jordin Sparks.

Our friends at Pigeon605 were able to talk with a producer from American Idol to give some singers advice ahead of the auditions.

American Idol producer Katie Fennelly Watkin has been with the show for 18 seasons. Katie loves that digital auditions are opening doors for all singers across the country. She tells Pigeon605 they could not be more excited to audition more singers.

“That’s exciting for us this year. We’re busy, but we love it. All through August, we’re doing auditions, and we have online auditions where people can submit videos. We see everything — every single person and every note sung.”

Here's the important information to keep in mind:

The first round of digital auditions for American Idol is open to singers nationwide. South Dakota singers have been assigned to audition on Wednesday, August 9th. Katie explains that South Dakota contestants can pick a time from 1 PM to 6 PM on August 9th. Prior to the auditions, singers will receive an email detailing how to log in on Zoom. “You’ll wait in the waiting room. It’s kind of like we’ve re-created in-person auditions online. You’ll meet a producer … we have a slew of producers in the breakout rooms, and once you sing for the producer, we suggest a verse and chorus of a song of your choosing," says Katie. 

Katie's recommendation is to prepare a list of songs in case producers ask you to sing something else. Pick the songs that will "make you shine the most." Katie says American Idol can't wait to meet South Dakota singers!

In order to apply, contestants this year must be born on or between June 2, 1994, and Feb. 15, 2009. More information about auditions can be found here. Don't forget: You can adopt a pigeon with Pigeon605 to get the latest Sioux Empire news.

Break a leg, everyone!

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