If you have pets, chances are you've taken their picture once or twice, or maybe even a few thousand times! Some people's social media feeds have more pictures of their pets than of themselves, and I can relate. Our furry, or feathery friends can be pretty photogenic. Plus, let's face it, sometimes it's hard to resist snapping a picture of your pet when it's gotten itself into an awkward, or adorable situation.

Well, today is the day to celebrate all of those pictures of your pets you have stored on your phone. It's National All American Pet Photo Day!  It's a day to go crazy on social media, by posting all of your favorite photos of your K9, Feline, Equine, or any other pet you might have roaming around your place.

Andy Gott: TSM

That's one with me and my dog, Nick a few years back. He lived to be 13 years old, which is fairly rare for a German Shepherd. I've had German Shepherds my entire life. My Dad (a Marine) worked with them while he was in Vietnam and they've been a part of our family ever since. If you're looking for a smart, loyal dog, it's hard to find a better companion than a German Shepherd.

Andy Gott: TSM

Cats always seem to find a weird place to take a nap. My cat, Daisy does this on a daily basis. She's 11 years old now and was a rescue when I first got her.

Let's see your favorite pictures of your furry friends on this All American Pet Photo Day!

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