The storm has moved out of Texas but the damage has been devastating. Texas Governor Greg Abbott called Hurricane Harvey “one of the largest disasters America has ever faced.” Estimated damage is well over $190 billion according to USA Today.

Donations have been coming in from all across the country. If you are still looking one unique way to help the victims, two airlines are adding an incentive for anyone who donates. American Airlines and United Airlines are offering flight miles to members of their loyalty programs who donate.

According to TimeUnited Airlines says that MileagePlus members who go to the airline's fundraising page and give to the American Red Cross, AmeriCares, Airlink, or Operation USA will receive bonus miles at the levels listed below:

• Donate $50-$99 – Earn 250 bonus miles
• Donate $100-$249 – Earn 500 bonus miles
• Donate $250 or more – Earn 1,000 bonus miles

As for American Airlines: From now through September 24, American Airlines' AAdvantage members will earn 10 bonus miles for every $1 donated to the Red Cross. (There's a $25 minimum donation.)

Source: Time

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