Collectively, we have gone insane. For decades the leaders we elect to represent us in Washington, D.C. have spent more money than the taxes we have paid. The debt is almost  $20,000,000,000,000. That's $20 trillion!!!!

This election cycle discussion from our leaders and those who want to be, is NOT about balancing our budget, paying our bills, reducing the debt. It is about who is the better of the bad choices for President.

Immigration, terrorism, military spending, health care are certainly worthy of public debate, but so is the insanity of going further into debt each minute of each day. In our personal lives, our bankers wouldn't allow us to constantly overdraw our checking account. After numerous talks about budgeting and continued overdrafts, they would likely say, "We are done with you."

People are angry, especially the former middle class. Those folks have been ignored by both parties. The rich have gotten much richer, and the poor are being taken care of with programs to help them pay rent, buy food, ride the bus, and numerous other things.

The middle class, the backbone of our economy and country, are literally stuck in the middle, but are sinking fast.

One major party candidate is playing off the middle class anger, by placing the blame on others; immigrants, minorities, and the poor. The other is talking about making things better, but has not offered concrete, doable plans to help the middle class.

Meanwhile, in our state South Dakota, neither of the incumbents running for re-election, both Republicans, are talking about spending less. Recently, I spoke with one of them about the overspending. I was told very few people talk about it when engaged in town halls or one on one conversations. In fact, most folks want to make sure "their deal" is protected. Of course our elected officials follow the lead of the people who elected them. When it comes to balancing the budget, "it's somebody else's job."

I assume each Senator and Congressman from the other states hear the same thing when they are home.

The other dynamic are the legions of lobbyists in Washington working for special interest groups. Also, staff members in Congress don't want to encourage frugality. Their jobs might disappear. Nobody wants to or has the incentive to spend less. So the problem continues.

Meanwhile back home the middle class is disappearing. They are angry and many are getting desperate. Hence the rise of the dangerous Donald Trump on the right and the almost win of Bernie Sanders on the left.

Frankly, I am disappointed in all three of our members of Congress. One has been there over a decade. One for over five years. The newest one less than two years. All three profess to be  financially conservative. Yet, the debt grows and the deficit continues. None of them appear to be leading us to financial sanity.

Of course, we haven't demanded it.

There is a phone call for you. It's your banker... again.

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