It all began last week when I wrote a story about how Meadow, South Dakota is reportedly the community that is the farthest from a McDonald's in the continental United States. I immediately had 2 thoughts (normally my head only has room for one at a time):

1) Where exactly is Meadow, South Dakota? and 2) That's a loooong drive for a burger!

Well, to answer the first question, Meadow is in Perkins country, about 12 miles east of Bison, not far from the junction of  S.D. Highway's 20 and 73. Admittedly it's a, uh, bit of a jaunt from Sioux Falls. About 390 miles.

Now, as for the second question, I was 100% totally wrong! It's not far at all for the best burger you'll ever have, and a whole lot more!

Welcome to the friendliest spot in South Dakota... welcome to Smoky's Place in Meadow.

Coming from a small town myself (according to the 2000 census, Meadow was 35 people strong), I've always loved stopping into the small town cafe's, restaurant's, bars and grills. Having spent over 4 decades in South Dakota, I was pretty sure I had hit them all.

But I missed Smoky's Place.

And judging from the comment's on their Facebook page, I need to put Smoky's Place on my bucket list. Here's what folks are saying:

The service was great. I had the Smoky's Burger and it was excellent! The Cowboy Chilli was also great and the salad bar had a big selection.


I don't get there enough, it's got to be some of the best food around made by some good people!


Amazing food!! The best Prime Rib I've had in years!

And of course, being a beer kind of guy, I loved the comment 'Beer was cold and everyone was friendly'. Worth the stop.

So then....great food....cold beer...friendly folks...sounds like a South Dakota 'must stop'.

This summer if your vacation travel finds you up around the Perkins county area, stop in Smoky's, have a burger and a cold one and say 'Hi' to Andrea and the gang. And just for fun maybe play a game of pool too!

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