Ken Story of Sioux Falls was at one time hooked on drugs and alcohol.

"It was pretty bad.  I was living in Texas and I worked for a big construction company. You could get any drugs you wanted on the job. I started using marijuana, alcohol and in my later years the addiction progressed to cocaine and heroin. My wife and I ended up being stranded on the street of Houston.  It was pretty bad. Nothin' to be proud of."

So, how did Ken and his wife survive on the streets of Houston?

"Mostly panhandled and begged and met other junkies that  needed a fix. We hooked up with them. We all got together and did a little stealing you know...stuff we should be in jail for. Eventually that's where I ended up."

But the good news is this:  Ken overcame the drug addiction - fueled by the power of Faith!

"There's no drugs, no alcohol anymore! God took everything away from us. He just took the desire away. Ya, we don't do that anymore. Right now, we're clean and sober. I haven't had any relapses or anything like that. Today, Our lives are 100 percent better because we're not waking up everyday looking for our next hit."

Now that he is free from the addiction, Kevin offers this hard earned advice to others that are hooked on drugs and alcohol.

"Well you got to get yourself sane again because the drugs make you insane to where you can't help yourself. The thing you have to do is to go somewhere and stay away from the stuff. Give your mind and body time to recuperate. You also have to get spiritual. You need to get God in your life if you can. That's probably the only way you can do it: let your body and mind be changed by the the Holy Spirit."

Ken Story's minister, Pastor Jeff Hayes of Faith Temple Church, says the Sioux Falls man is proof that an addiction can be overcome by the power of our Faith!