It is very clear to me that all it takes is one taste of drug use, and your life is destroyed. Every day in my radio broadcast profession, we are reporting serious crimes stemming from drug addiction.

These crimes involve shootings, stabbings, beatings and other life threatening attacks. The drug world is totally made up of bad people.

My biggest fear is for innocent children. They can be bullied or persuaded to try something that will make them feel good.

How can they get away from it in tough situations? How do we prepare them?

The one difficult task is keeping up on what to watch for. Every time we turn around, the drug abusers come out with something new.

The latest I read about now is a trend referred to as "Hot Shot." It's a high-inducing product made from wasp spray. It's also deadly.

They take wasp spray and spray it on a screen wire. They hook it up to a battery charger and get it hot, which crystallizes the wasp spray, and then they melt that down and then they shoot it into their veins.

The people who use it have no idea the harm they are doing to themselves.

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