Remember when the world thought South Dakota was on meth? Well, newsflash the state is definitely not! However, that’s not necessarily true about marijuana especially if the people voted to legalize it.

There's a new electronic billboard that drivers can see right along Cliff Avenue in Sioux Falls.  This time the billboard depicts a satire about South Dakota's latest election involving the legalization of medical and recreational use of marijuana. I have to say...this photo could soon be the talk of the town.

The electronic billboard states "More South Dakotans Voted For This...Than This."  This image is basically suggesting that more South Dakota residents voted to pass the legal use of marijuana than they did to elect Kristi Noem governor of the state.

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As of July 1st, the state did pass the medical use of marijuana. Dakota News Now explains, "The Department of Health says medical marijuana cards will be required for patients to use the substance, but the state will not be ready to issue those cards until October or November."  No card, no weed. Simple as that.

What about the legal use of recreational marijuana?  Well...that's still up in the air even though the people voted for it.  This billboard highlights the fact that Governor Noem has been dragging her heels when it comes to signing the recreational marijuana bill into law. This issue is following the same slow path that ultimately delayed the passage of medical marijuana. It passed, but it took some time to get it through the state’s system.

Governor Noem has been known to advocate for people's rights, freedom, and voting.  So it's not surprising to see a billboard that confronts Governor Noem's response to the people's voice.

Only time will tell if and when the use of recreational marijuana will be allowed in South Dakota.

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