A friend of mine visits Sioux Falls once a year and is the featured speaker at several local churches, including Faith Temple Church!

Bob Hanus isn't a typical speaker.  For years, Bob has walked across the country carrying a cross!   Bob has taken his Christian message to a variety of venues, including spring break in Florida,  the annual motorcycle rally in the Black Hills, and at numerous Nascar races.

Along the way, Bob shares his story!  Aside from alcohol abuse, the silver haired evangelist talks about an addiction to cocaine.

In his words, "While at a party, I was drunk when one of my fraternity brothers offered me cocaine.  I said no and told him, 'I'll never try hard drugs.'  After a few more shots of Jack Daniels and a couple of beers, he offered me cocaine again and I said, 'sure, why not?  Looks like everyone else is having a good time.  Why not me?'  All it took was one time and I was addicted.  I had just kicked off an eight year relationship with the drug."

Eventually, Bob hit rock bottom and that's when he asked for divine help and got it.

"While at a dinner with my parents, I gave my life to Jesus and He totally set me free from the cocaine and alcohol!"

If you have an opportunity to hear Bob Hanus speak in Sioux Falls, I encourage you to attend the presentation. Without a doubt, the Crosswalker's message is life changing!



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