This worldwide pandemic has caused us to change our lives in many ways. We've all had our fill of Zoom meetings, social distancing, and quarantining. But shouldn't we keep some of the stuff we learned?

Even as we get back to some sense of normalcy in our daily lives aren't there some things we initiated as safety protocols during the pandemic that might be cool to keep around? Like these things...

-Curbside Pickup...This is just too handy to give up. You go online. You order groceries, socks, blenders, WD40 and they bring it right to your car. Heck yeah!

-Calling Before You Visit...I am blessed with lots of great family and friends in my life. But it ain't a bad thing to give someone a heads up if you are swinging by for a visit. Both you and I don't want me answering the door in my dainties with Hot Pocket all over my face.

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-Nix Grocery Store Free Samples...Sure who doesn't enjoy waiting in a clogged store aisle while watching a public demonstration on how to shove dime-sized Snausages on Ritz crackers in your face. How about, get in, get your stuff, and get the heck out?

-Distant Driver’s License Renewal Lines...Why should I have to go downtown, stand in line with a bunch of other scowling South Dakotans just to be told I need to go back home and get a canceled water bill to renew my driver's license? I'd rather just be angry and frustrated at home.

-No Door To Door Evangelists...I haven't missed the guys in white shirts and black ties knocking on my door. Appreciate your concern for me and the hereafter. But I get the feeling that's not all you're hereafter. Plus I'm Presbyterian. I'm covered.

-Home Deliveries of Everything...Remember when you had to pay top dollar to have someone bring stuff from their store to your house? Now we have all sorts of apps that will make that magic happen. And all ya have to do is give the nice driver a nice tip.

-Banned Fast Food Restaurant Ball Pits...Do you know those bins of colored plastic balls where thousands of kids crawl around sniffling, sneezing, and losing their poop-filled diapers? When was the last time you saw restaurant staff remove those for cleaning? That's right. Never.

-Goodbye In-Person Parent-Teacher Conferences...I don't need to hang around in a gymnasium for an opportunity to hear what a screw-up little Bobby is. How about we just keep zooming these. Plus you don't fit in those little plastic chairs anyway.

-Socially Distant Adventures...I have socially distanced in some of the best landmarks, state parks, and wilderness areas all over South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa during the pandemic. 6 feet apart has never been so therapeutic.

-No Pants...I made it a whole year without putting pants on. I'd like to go for two.

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