To say Clint Black came onto the Country Music scene with a bang would be an understatement.

His debut single from his debut album wasn't a Top Twenty hit, it was a Number One smash!

It was 1989 and all of a sudden (to us at least) Clint Black was everywhere with his first single 'A Better Man'. Off his debut album Killin' Time, a lot of us were wondering if this guy would be one of those 'one-hit-wonders'.

Well, it certainly didn't take long to find out!

His follow up, the title cut from the album, also shot to the top of the chart. And of course now with well over twenty number one hits (and many more Top Twenty's) Clint may well be (and should be in my humble opinion) on his way to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

But back to 'A Better Man'.

It was not only a number one, it was the number one on the Hot Country Singles chart for the year of 1989. Clint also won the Country Music Association's Horizon Award winner signifying him as 'Best New Artist'.

Wow, they got that one right!

On a personal note, I had the opportunity to interview Clint a few years ago and found him to be, not only a world class artist, but a world class gentleman. That 'interview' felt more like a conversation with an old friend.

And finally, yes, Clint still tours consistently and is still putting out some of the best country music on the planet. His On Purpose album is one every Clint fan should have.

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