Are you superstitious? Friday the 13th can unnerve even the most skeptic soul. Here are 7 places around Sioux Falls that seem to have a history of superstition and maybe a little paranormal activity:

Washington Pavilion

Even spirits may need a lift. The elevators at the Washington Pavilion may have a story. In 1997, when the future arts center was undergoing renovations, a man fell to his death in the elevator shaft. Some have said that his ghost will ride with you in the elevator and disappear before reaching your floor.

Gitchi Manitou State Preserve, Iowa

Gitchi Manitou, along the Big Sioux river, hosts a variety of spooky legends.  In 1973, four Sioux Falls teenagers were camping and having a party when they were murdered. The murderers were caught and are serving life in maximum security in Fort Madison.

Another legend could stem from the 1800s when American Indians used the area for ceremonial traditions. At one time it was believed that over 10,000 American Indians occupied the site.

Almost 40 years later, some people still have an overwhelming feeling of being watched while in the area. Others have described mists forming over the water on clear nights, and yet others have heard branches breaking and "low growling sounds" when no animals were spotted.

Pioneer Memorial

The highest obelisk overlooking Sioux Falls just east of the State Penitentiary is said to be haunted by Judge Amidon and his son who were killed in 1862 by a Native American scouting party at the site. Strange feelings of being watched and occasional orbs floating near the top of the monument are reported.

The Sioux Falls Community Playhouse

The Community Playhouse is said to be haunted by a ghost named Larry whose past is still a mystery. Some say he was a construction worker who died during the building process. Others claim Larry was a stagehand who died in an accident behind the curtain. Yet, another legend would contend that he hanged himself from the rafters.

However Larry's fate was met, his ghost is said to be roaming in the Playhouse. Although his ghost is a rare sighting, those who have seen him swear he's trying to tell them something. Witnesses also claim that the playful side of Larry will turn on sinks and flush toilets. People have also reported "ghostly footsteps" when the place is closed for the night.

The Orpheum Theater and Actors Studio

A ghost who haunts the Actors Studio belongs to a man who was dancing with a woman whose husband had gone to war. The soldier returned, and in a fit of rage, killed the man. The victim's ghost now roams the studio whistling "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star". On the bright side, it is said to be good luck when the ghost shows up on the opening night of a performance.

The Old Courthouse Museum

Can you hear sweeping in the courtroom late at night? Legend says you can. One witness saw the large curtains ruffle as if being cleaned. Another said they saw a girl with 1900's clothing ascend the staircase as if levitating.

The Cathedral

Located at 500 N. Main in Sioux Falls, the church has had a few peculiar moments according to witnesses in 1992. The Cathedral hosted a 'lock-in' youth event overnight when all power was lost in their part of the church. The group also claimed to hear pounding on closed doors in the night only to discover nothing when opened.

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