Even though it's October you'd better be checking your to see what sunscreen you have in the house.

Coppertone is voluntarily recalling specific lots of 5 Coppertone aerosol sunscreen spray products because they contain Benzene.

Benzene has been classified as a human carcinogen or causing cancer. The 5 sunscreens were manufactured between the dates of January 10, 2021, and June 15, 2021.

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Exposure to benzene can occur through inhalation, oral, and skin, and it could, depending on the level and extent of exposure, resulting in an increased risk of cancers including leukemia, and blood cancer of the bone marrow and other blood disorders which can be life-threatening.

The Specific products recalled are:

  • Coppertone Pure & Simple SPF 50 5.0 oz aerosol sunscreen spray (Lot# TN00CJ4, Lot# TN00BR2)
  • Coppertone Pure & Simple Kids SPF 50 5.0 oz aerosol sunscreen spray (Lot# TN00857, Lot# TN00CJV, Lot# TN00854, Lot# TN00855)
  • Coppertone Pure & Simple Baby SPF 50 5.0 oz aerosol sunscreen spray (Lot# TN009GH, Lot# TN0083K, Lot# TN0083J)
  • Coppertone Sport Mineral SPF 50 5.0 oz aerosol sunscreen spray (Lot# TN008KU, Lot# TN008KV)
  • Travel-size Coppertone Sport Spray SPF 50 1.6 oz aerosol sunscreen spray (Lot# TN00BU3)

This recall is being conducted with the knowledge of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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