Thanksgiving. The time to reflect and be thankful for what you have. In addition to a rock-solid economy, job growth, and top ranking schools, here's 5 great reasons I'm thankful to live in Sioux Falls:

  • Andrew_Mayovskyy

    We Have 4 Seasons

    Sure, winter can blow, and summer can swelter, but it's better than say, Honolulu with it's 82 degrees every single day, right? C'mon! I'm trying here!

  • KEMAL BAŞ_Thikstock
    KEMAL BAŞ_Thikstock

    Great Health Care

    Between Sanford Health and Avera, we're in pretty good hands for health care. They are both award winners with outstanding care.

  • clipart

    We're Champions

    Sioux Falls is home to championship sports teams! The Stampede has won the Clark Cup in 2007 and 2015. The Sioux Falls Storm completely dominates indoor arena football with numerous championships. The Skyforce is the reigning champs of D-League basketball, and the Canaries, well...go team!

  • photo by Danny V
    photo by Danny V

    We Love the Outdoors

    Sioux Falls is home to over 70 parks, 30 miles of paved bike trails, dozens of nearby lakes, Blood Run trails, Great Bear, and the Outdoor Campus make us an outdoor mecca for fun all year round.

  • photo by Danny V
    photo by Danny V

    We're Friendly - and Perhaps a Little Nuts

    This is a town where visitors always comment on the friendliness of Sioux Falls. I love the fact that some people still wave to other motorists! (Right, Jeep owners?) But we still have crazy things in our lives to balance everything out. Like the annual Zombie Walk, Beer festivals, mud runs, and occasionally someone dressing the Statue of David - because he "looked cold," So, yeah, we're a little nuts.

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