Your parents told you and their parents told them and their parents told them and...well, you get the idea. So you told your kids, who told their kids and on and on.

It seems the more something is repeated and passed on, the more true it is. Only, of course, it isn't.

Who was told as a child to 'You dress warm or you'll catch your death of cold!'. How about 'Don't swallow that gum, it doesn't digest for years'. Or perhaps when you were a bit older 'Here, drink this coffee and sober up'.

Ahem. Well, thanks to the editors of Publications International, let's clear up some of those medical myths:

It kind of seems a shame that mom told me isn't necessarily true. And the things I told my kids aren't necessarily true. And the things my kids tell their kids aren't necessarily true. No matter how many times we say it.

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