Under the category of 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' check out this video of a man riding a mattress on a car as the car is driven down 41st Street in Sioux Falls.

Kenny Hollesen posted this on his Facebook page. Some of the comments posted under the picture and video include:

Brad Behrens: “No reason to pay a delivery fee!”

Sharon Leimenstoll: “My sis sat in the trunk of their car and held a TV because my brother-in-law didn't want to wait for delivery.”

Nira Felton Rusk: “Mattress surfing has come back?”

Olivia Williams: “This is something we would do”

Annette Sandersfeld Tesch: “Holy smokes! That guy has balls for sure! NOPE, that's crazy!”

Is this something that happens all the time and I've just never seen it?


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