It's an alluring combination, lingerie and antiques.

For the last 20 years Belsnickel & Company antiques and collectibles has been in business just east of 41st Street and Western in Sioux Falls. Now the store has expanded to included Bella Vous Lingerie. Both businesses under the same roof are owned by Rebecca Johnson and Deborah Cook.  

Johnson explains why she expanded her store to include lacy underthings:

We are specializing in European and American Lingerie. We opened the store because women in Sioux Falls have few options for fun and different lingerie. 

The store has a small portion of the stock on the racks and will be receiving and displaying the majority of their inventory by the first week of September 2016.

It's an odd curiosity I have and if you were in person with me you'd see my wink and a sly smile. How many more collisions will take place in front of the store on 41st Street as curious eyes have a peek at the store front, rather than keeping those eyes on the road?!

Of course I'll be looking at the antiques in the window, not the lingerie I wish I'd look good in, right?

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