Growing up 'back in the day' my folk's had the 'letter' tractors.

I remember we had an old 'A' John Deere, the one with the flywheel on the side that you had to turn...and turn...and turn until she started up! plup, plup, plup...I can still here that thing running. Or pluping.

We also had a 'B' Farmall, a smaller tractor, but quick enough for me and my brother to tie on a scoop shovel in the wintertime and go sledding...or I guess, 'scooping'. Either way, it was Minnesota winter fun.

It got me to thinking, hmmm...our neighbors also had a variety of 'letter' tractors back then, some green, some red, some yellow and a few others. So, I asked on our facebook page what letter tractor you remember your folks having as a kid?

I got a lot of responses and some really cool pictures of those 'old time' tractors we grew up with. Check out some of the responses below and see if any of those letter's bring back a warm farm memory!

Jason George Cwach Had lots of Minneapolis Moline tractors. A Z, U, UB, 302, 670, a couple 4 Stars. All gas tractors. The newest tractor we had when I was growing up was a 1070 Case. The only diesel we had at the time. Didn't update equipment too often.


KXRB AM 1000
KXRB AM 1000 That's a lot of Moline's! :-)
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Austin Miiller
Austin Miiller This very F20 was as James said my great grandpa's first tractor in 1936. I am the 4th generation on the farm and owner of this tractor, that will be 81 in July! I am 22 and have an A John Deere. As well as an H, M, Super M, MD, 560, and the F20 Farmall!

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KXRB AM 1000 Very Cool!
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Rick D. Mitchell
Rick D. Mitchell My Dad had a 1960's Massey Ferguson tractor, that we still use today, at our family ranch in California. It starts right up every time.

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Austin Miiller
Austin Miiller This is the Ferguson To-30 my great grandpa bought new. On it is my grandpa and his twin brother. I now have the tractor in my collection.still runs on the farm a lot!

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Tayne Reurink
Tayne Reurink Super M farmal. And a Ford 8N grandpa always had around.various others as well but only 2 with letters in them


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KXRB AM 1000 He can't have too many tractor's! :-)
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Chip Grube
Chip Grube We had Allis-Chalmers WC and WD. Does that count?


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KXRB AM 1000 Of course it does Chip, we had a couple neighbors with Allis-Chalmers!
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Diane Diekman
Diane Diekman Minneapolis Moline Z and ZA, along with a UB Diesel


KXRB AM 1000
KXRB AM 1000 Wow, we were at the beginning of the alphabet, you guys were at the end! :-)
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Daryl Skancke
Daryl Skancke I still own a "super a" and an "h".


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KXRB AM 1000 Super A! Cool!
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Ann Mashek
Ann Mashek h and m


KXRB AM 1000
KXRB AM 1000 Yep I grew up around a lot of h & m's!
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Chipp Gerlach
Chipp Gerlach Grew up with a G john Deere, with PWR steering! Always had to open the petcocks to start it! Also an M Farmall for a while. Sold it to a retired farmer in IA so he could participate in the Annual plowing bee with it!
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Wayne F Talley
Wayne F Talley Two farmers talking over coffee, one confesses his wife is upset because he couldn't get in the mood. The other farm er says "you should try Cialis". The other farmer said "I have a B John Deer!"
Terry Ruud
Terry Ruud We had an A, a GP, and a D John Deere, a U Minneapolis Moline, a WD Allis Chalmers, and a VAC Case.


James Miiller
James Miiller My grandpa's first tractor on our farm was a F-20, which we still have & runs great. My dad had a Farmall M & H!


Brad Uthe
Brad Uthe H Farmall and a Super M Farmall


Robert Alink
Robert Alink H farmall, M farmall, B john deere


Tony Passanante
Tony Passanante We had A B D E G H all JD.
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Perry Hawkey
Perry Hawkey H & M Farmall & Allis was a C i believe.


Wayne L Oien
Wayne L Oien An M a H and a C all ihc


Dennis Van Goor
Dennis Van Goor We had an F14, H, and an M


Rod Zens


Julie Edelman Hartmann
Julie Edelman Hartmann Absolutely !!! Dad had and still has a variety of letters and numbers


Ken Wulff
Ken Wulff We had A B Super H and R


Kennedy Cumberland

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