People in south-central South Dakota may have felt the ground shake a little on Friday morning when a 3.7 magnitude earthquake hit the state.

The earthquake was reported at 10:25 AM on Friday (June 4) about six miles northeast of Anoka, Nebraska. The epicenter of the earthquake is pinpointed just inside of the South Dakota side of the border.

Those traveling in the middle of Highway 18 and Highway 281 would have felt the earthquake the most. Based on the map provided, people as far away as Winner, Mitchell, Tabor, to Ainsworth (NE) could potentially feel a little tremble in the ground.

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Dakota News Now's Phil Schrek also tweeted about the event and noted that most would have experienced weak to light shaking with the magnitude 3.7 earthquake.

While rare in South Dakota, this is the third recorded earthquake in the state this year alone. The previous two took place March 26 near Edgemont and on January 4th near Tyndall.

More information about the earthquake and details about all the other current earthquakes can be found through the United States Geological Survey.

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