Bruno Mars made a stop on his 24K Magic World Tour in Fargo on Friday (August 4) and I made the trip to check it out.

Camila Cabello, who left Fifth Harmony for a solo career, was his opening act and I really liked her. She was great live. She had a great relationship with audience and involved the crowd. She had a pretty nice set up for an opener too! She had a band and two dancers! She didn't do any Fifth Harmony songs, in case you were wondering.

Not that it really matters, but August 4th is my half birthday and Bruno Mars was a great birthday present.

I saw Bruno on his last tour in Omaha so I was really looking forward to seeing if he could top himself.

Bruno definitely did not disappoint. He opened the show with his song "Finesse" off of his 24K Magic album. In the first half hour of the show, it was all new material except one song, "Treasure" was snuck in the midst of the new stuff. I mean, he did eventually get to the oldies but goodies.

Just like his last tour, the stage was full of lights, lasers, pyro, fireworks, and confetti. Sometimes between all the lights and lasers I didn't know where to look!

It was such a great show! I hadn't danced that much at a concert in a long time! I was working up a sweat.

Bruno really gave his all as well. He ended almost every song like it was the finale. There would be big ending riffs and lights and then there would still be more show left!

My only complaint is that he didn't perform "Gorilla". He did every single except "Gorilla". And on his last tour "Gorilla" was his encore with a huge production. How does the song go from being his encore to not even on the set list? But I suppose I can forgive him.

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