Roosevelt and O'Gorman are no strangers when it comes to football games or the Dakota Bowl, but this year's matchup is a bit unique.

The 2021 Dakota Bowl will take place this Saturday (August 28) in the opening game of the season. If that feels earlier than normal, it is because that it is. Dakota Bowl is traditionally held during week two or three of the season.

This year the schedule shifted as the South Dakota High School Activities Association instituted a one-year schedule to help align South Dakota's scheduling with neighboring states. With the one-year consideration of the scheduling, some traditions were changed and the Dakota Bowl is one of them.

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Roosevelt defeated O'Gorman in the Dakota Bowl last year, but last year's event was unique in that the Knights hosted the game on-campus at McEneaney Field for the first time due to COVID-19 procedures. The 2021 game returns to McEneaney Field with a 7:30 PM kickoff.

Both teams enter this season with questions at different positions and a new starter at quarterback. Roosevelt lost Taylen Ashley to Jefferson and will go with sophomore Jackson Brouwer, while O'Gorman looks to give the nod to Roosevelt transfer Bennett Dannenbring.

As part of hosting the game at McEneaney Field, O'Gorman is selling tickets for $8 for all students and adults (children under 4 are free). The Knights will also have tailgating spots available for purchase on game day for $10 ($25 spots are sold out). A large raffle will also be taking place in which winners can win up to $5,000.

The 2021 Dakota Bowl kicks off at McEneaney Field on Saturday, August 28 at 7:30 PM. More information about the festivities can be found here.

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