What was the greatest decade of country music?

An unanswerable question. It depends on who you ask (and most probably how old they are). So rather than get into an argument, let's just say this: The 1990s was one of the greatest decades, for sure.

It was 1995 and the dog days of August when a new single was released that captured the country music world. A relatively new guy on the country music scene, it was his 9th single and as it turned out, his 3rd number one.

And we were all singing along to Tim McGraw's 'I Like It, I Love It'.

A perfect song for summer, fun and upbeat, the tune ended up topping the singles chart and stayed there for a good month before Garth Brooks 'She's Every Woman' replaced it.

It was Tim's first single from his 'All I Want' album and gained even more fame when it was played repeatedly at halftime of ABC's Monday Night Football (You do remember when Monday Night Football was on ABC?).

So go ahead, crank it up on the video above, smile....and party like it's 1995!

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