Your first question would be, 'Who in the world is this Max D. Barnes and why would I even care who he is?"

Well, let me introduce you to Max through the songs he wrote or co-wrote.  Ready?  here we go...

'Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes'-George Jones

'Drinkin' and Dreamin'-Waylon Jennings

'If I Didn't Have You'-Randy Travis

'Look At Us'-Vince Gill

And a song I think is the most beautifully sad song in country music history, 'Chisled In Tone'-Vern Gosdin



And, well, hundreds more.  You see, Max D. Barnes is one of the greatest and most successful songwriters in the history of Country Music.

Born in 1936, Max was a two time winner of the prestigious CMA 'Song Of The Year' award and was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1992.

Max passed away in 2004 but, thankfully, he'll always be with us through the fantastic words and music he left behind.  The next time you hear a song like 'Chisled In Stone' (featured in this video), turn it up loud, let it touch your heart and thank Max D. Barnes.


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