If the world was divided into Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune people, I would be down for Jeopardy all the way. It's a lot more fun, it makes me feel smart because I can retain lots of trivia, and I am a horrible speller. So Wheel is out, no whammies.

Recently I discovered (I mean wasted a lot of time on) a website that is an archive of questions that have been asked on Jeopardy. I know, I know; Jeopardy gives the answer to the questions and has contestants give the questions, so just read these with an imagined "Who is...."

Anyways, while digging around the archive, I wanted to find out how often Sioux Falls came up in a question (Answer) on the show. Since 1990 Sioux Falls has been part of a question or an answer 10 times.

  1. I-29 past Sioux Falls; clear. 281 near Aberdeen; clear. I-90 around Rapid City; clear. This state... clear (What is South Dakota?)
  2. It's the largest city in South Dakota that lies on the Big Sioux River (What is Sioux Falls?)
  3. Love to shop? This largest South Dakota city has the largest shopping center between Denver & Minneapolis (What is Sioux Falls?)
  4. The Big Sioux River, which does the falling at Sioux Falls, empties into this river near Sioux City (What is Missouri?)
  5. Geographically, it precedes "City" in Iowa & "Falls" in South Dakota (What is Sioux?)
  6. Sioux Falls in this state calls itself "the Crossroads of the Nation" (What is Sioux Falls?)
  7. In the category 'MOST POPULOUS CITIES': South Dakota: Pop. 101,000 (What is Sioux Falls?)
  8. South Dakota city named for the landmark seen here (I'm assuming it was a picture of the Falls) (What is Sioux Falls?)
  9. This state's largest public library is in Sioux Falls (What is South Dakota)
  10. In the category 'THE DAKOTAS' (our very own category!): The 2 states' largest cities are Fargo and Sioux Falls, not these, their capitals. (What are Pierre and Bismark)

There have also been eight people originally from Sioux Falls who were contestants on Jeopardy since 1999.

  1. Peter Severson, 2005
  2. Kelly Croissant , 2005
  3. Becky Hudson, 2003
  4. Rita Schwab-Parcel , 2007
  5. Lisa Thimjon, 2000
  6. Lynn McAleece, 1999
  7. Abigail Rosenthal, 2008
  8. Brandon Haschke, 2015

Now here's 'Weird Al.'

Source: j-archive.com

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