Is there anything better than a glass of cold, clear, sparkling water?

You're done mowing that lawn, working in the field or doing the chores. Ahh, a glass of cold water goes down just great, thank you.

And best of all, it's pure, right?

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Well, yes...probably. At least, pure enough. I mean, if my water faucet gives out water that's brown or red or blue, ok there must be something wrong. If it's, ah, chunky...yeah, I need to give somebody a call. But if it looks OK, it must be OK.

Or maybe not.

Popular Science listed 10 things that could be in that glass of water. Kind of hiding perhaps.

Now the chances of any of the above being in your water can vary widely, from city to city, house to house...heck, even sink to sink.

So go ahead and enjoy that cold glass of delicious water. After all that work, you've earned it!

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