Kids do the darnedest things. So do coaches.

Enjoy this video of a youth league basketball coach who steps onto the court to block his own player's shot after he fired the ball into his own net.

It's unclear when or where this occurred.

Coaching youth sports is one of the unsung parts of being a parent. For every good player, you've got two who are more interested in picking their nose, interrupting practice to remind you, "I really like dinosaurs" or just running around in circles. It comes with the territory, so when a kid gets all mixed up and goes the wrong way, you can laugh it off or you can become part of the game.

You have to love this coach's dedication to showing his player he was making a mistake. He clearly means business. Maybe that's why he wore a shirt and tie to a pee wee hoops game. He's dressed like an NBA coach, even though his roster is made up of players who may have to leave before the final whistle so they can be in bed by 8:00.

What do you think? Did the coach go too far or was he justified in making sure his player didn't score in the wrong basket?

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