The Franchise Tag in the NFL is an often used, team friendly way to commit to a player for 1 year and kick the ball down the field on contract negotiations. The NFL's deadline for teams to apply the tag was yesterday at 4pm eastern, and we'll let you know who all was tagged prior to yesterday's deadline.

Each franchise has the option of using just 1 tag per offseason, locking up the tagged player on essentially a 1 year deal which is calculated based on contract values of the highest paid players at the position.

This offseason, a total of 8 franchises opted to use the tag, with the most common position this season to receiver the tag being at Tight End. A total of three Tight Ends were tagged ahead of the deadline.

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Again, the tag allows the team greater flexibility and time to decide on if a player is worth a long term deal, while the tagged player gets the benefit of being among the highest paid players in the league at their position.

Here is the list of players that received the franchise tag this season:

Green Bay Packers - Wide Receiver Davante Adams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Wide Receiver Chris Godwin

Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Getty Images

Jacksonville Jaguars - Offensive Tackle Cam Robinson

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
Getty Images

Kansas City Chiefs - Offensive Tackle Orlando Brown Jr.

Dallas Cowboys - Tight End Dalton Schultz

Cleveland Browns - Tight End David Njoku

Miami Dolphins - Tight End Mike Gesicki

Houston Texans v Miami Dolphins
Getty Images

Cincinnati Bengals - Free Safety Jessie Bates

Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams v Cincinnati Bengals
Getty Images

Teams and the players that have been tagged are still free to negotiate new contract terms in the meantime before the salary kicks in, but the tag will apply otherwise, and it would be a 1 year deal for this season.

For more on franchise tags, visit The Franchise Tag Tracker.

Source: CBS Sports

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