There's a pretty good chance the turkey I have for Thanksgiving came from my neighbor.

Oh, not my neighbor in the house next door. No, I mean my neighbor in the state next door.

According to the Washington Post, the state of Minnesota should be known for more than Gophers. They also produce the most turkeys!

18% of all turkey production last year came from the Land of 10,000 Lakes. That is thanks to the fact that Jennie-O Turkeys, the second largest turkey producer, calls Minnesota home.

But hold on to your feathers, cowboy...what about Butterball, the biggest turkey producer in the land? Well, they call North Carolina home and 14% of the gobblers come from the Tar Heel state.

Arkansas and Missouri round out the Top Four Turkey states.

So when you're slicing up that delicious bird, there's a pretty good chance it came from just across the border in Minnesota.

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