Is your Playstation not running like it used to? Well the problem might be that cockroaches are living in it!

No really, and not only that but they have also been found in other gaming systems such as XBox One and Nintendo  as well.

Some console repair techs reported that at least half of the PS4s they service are full of roaches and one repair shop up in New York has started charging a $25 “Roach Fee” just to remove them.

But why do roaches like the PS4 more than the other counsels?

Well, according to Kotaku, a gaming news and information site, it’s because the PS4’s ventilation grates are wider than other consoles. Those vents are located at the bottom of the console, which makes it easier for roaches to get in. And the PS4 gets hotter than other consoles so it keeps them warm, sometimes too warm, and it kills them!

So if you counsel is not running up to par, the reason maybe is that you have a nest full of cockroaches in it!

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